Recently I’ve seen a spate of posts about New Years Resolutions/ New Year, New Starts.

I LOVE these posts. And I LOVE seeing what people are going to do differently in their lives/ businesses this year.

What I don’t love?


In fact, I was just having this conversation with my mum this morning (wise wizardress that she is) and we were talking about the difference between EXPLANATION and JUSTIFICATION.

Starting this year, I’ve had a back problem (I managed to put a disc out walking the dog) and have been way more absent than I normally would have been in my free community.

However, what I’ve aimed to do is EXPLAIN why I’m more absent, rather than justify it.

So what does that look like in everyday business?

Simply – explaining your resolutions;

– ‘This year, I’m focusing on expanding my business and impacting more clients and selling more amazing products to my community’


‘This year I’m trying to make more money from my business. So I hope no-one minds, but I’m going to be putting up more sales posts to sell more – but then I’m going to be spending more time helping people/ donating to charity/ working harder’

You NEVER need to justify your expertise, pricing or business model to anyone. But you need to be confident in explaining who you are, what you do – and showing up in a way that completely demonstrates WHY someone MUST work with you  Remember, justification is about YOUR need for them to accept your decisions – explanation is total confidence in making those decisions and moving forward!