Back when I started out, people kept saying this to me – and it made NO sense. Because surely if I was highly motivated, ambitious and determined to succeed… it didn’t matter that I was spending my time with people who were determined to self sabotage, who wanted the RESULTS but who didn’t want to put in the work…


It hugely affected me.

During my corporate career, I’d spent my days with high achievers. Driven people who were determined to exceed their goals. And as a result, I was successful and fully supported – even through setting up my business!

But when I left the corporate world, and I spent time in a whole host of free communities… I started to lose my drive. I was surrounded by people always telling me how ‘difficult’ things were. Or telling me how many problems I needed to overcome (with the secret agenda of selling me into a programme / service that they provided!)

My productivity and results plummeted.
I spent three months totally under-confident in my skills.
Not making money.
Not being happy.
Working 24.7.

Something HAD to change.
Strategy wise AND community wise.

I reassessed my strategy and focused on honing the skills and framework that I’d learnt in my corporate business building career.
And I left the communities that were dragging me down – and invested my time and energy in the kind of people that I wanted to surround myself with.

Women who were ambitious.
True leaders in the making.

It wasn’t easy.
It felt like it took FOREVER to find these women.
But once I did?


And I fully credit that to having a clear strategy that worked – and a community that supported growth, success and ambition.

That’s why we’re opening the doors to the Dotties for the FINAL time with the current member features.

Because free communities are awesome… but the Dotties is THE space for female entrepreneurs who want somewhere (and some people!) to help them consistently raise their standards AND their results.

So if you’re ready to SKYROCKET your results being fully supported by a true sisterhood of women who allow you to be #MaskOff and who help you, guide you and call you out when needed… then this is the FINAL time that The Dotties will be available at just $47 per month.

And for just $47 per month, you get;

– Weekly live Q&A’s
– Monthly Hot-Seats
– Quarterly 1:1 Laser Coaching Sessions with Jess
– Quarterly Dottie Meet-Ups (UK) International Meet-Ups twice per year.
– Access to the membership portal and the EXACT framework I use to continue growing my business.
– Private Facebook Group for accountability and support.
– Accountability Buddies for maximum transformation
– Virtual workspace – to take you off Facebook and into Financial Freedom!

Sound good?

Then click the link below and get your tush inside while we have space!