What are you willing to give up?

I hear you. You are the action taker. You’re the woman that is ready to have it all. To build her own business, to be the best version of yourself that you can be… to ‘rule the world yo!’ (Note: I’m definitely not cool enough to pull off that last bit!) But what are you actually willing to give up?

So often we see overnight success stories – genuinely amazing women who have absolutely ACED it in business in short spaces of time… but we don’t always see the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into that success. We miss the sleepless nights, the money struggles, the eating toast/ beans/ anything left in the cupboards while they invest in more learning, further development, and visibility. Overnight success is hard work – and during the month/ two months that it takes these powerhouse women to step up, own their business fully and start making their dreams reality…there’s actually a fair amount of things that get given up – temporarily – for the sake of business building.

1) Social life. When I was building my business, I spent three months effectively like a little hermit… locked away in my home office, I avoided all sunlight, became slightly nocturnal… and grew fangs! (I’m kidding..!) There wasn’t a lot of time for my friends… luckily they understood that I was doing all this to eventually have LOTS of time to spend with them… but there were a few occasions that my business became a bone of contention – especially for nights out.

2) Little luxuries. Seriously – I invested ALL the money that I could into my business and making it work. To the point where I even bought that awful cheap toilet paper. You know – the one that literally feels like you have basically just taken printer paper to your behind? Little luxuries are important to make you feel good – and they tell the Universe that you’re ready for abundance – but I know what it’s like… every penny counts. (FYI – if you’re in this phase currently – just buy nice loo roll – seriously – it’s like $1.50 more and means that you don’t get cranky!)

3) Your patience. Patience disappears when you’re making a breakthrough in your biz. My boyfriend would drive me nuts; telling me to ‘slow down’ or ‘do it tomorrow’. I was well known for snapping at ANYONE who told me to relax – and it paid off. My total lack of patience and desire to MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW meant that my business (and I) started to fly pretty quickly.

So there you have it. When you look at the overnight success story superwoman and you wonder why you ‘can’t’ do that…the answer is that you absolutely can. You just need to reframe your perspective and realise that having it all means maybe giving something up to get there