This wasn’t my thought out post of the day – but I think it’s helpful!

So today, I’m minding my own business (putting on a charcoal face mask, watching giraffes eat breakfast on YT etc)

And I get an email into my inbox.

It says;

“Hello Jessica Please read the attachment I sent you about money mindset. It will change your life!!”

Erm. No. No it won’t.

Because I don’t have a scooby doo who you are and when I’m LOOKING for programmes – I buy from recommendations of people I know and trust.

Apparently (after I wrote a kind email back about not spamming my inbox) this person found me on IG. When I suggested that she tried to build relationships first, rather than spam, she said;
“ya that is a good point and I had a blurb to add to the email about myself and I forgot to add it to your email lol

I guess I was rushing because I wanted to get the link out for the savings as its only for 24 hours. but next time ill be sure to include all the other info. just in case you were interested here it is:”

Yep. She tried to sell me it AGAIN.

Something I didn’t want.
From someone I didn’t know.

THIS^^^ is why people assume that sales is sleazy.
You do NOT have to operate like that.
It’s spray and pray marketing and it doesn’t work.

So I gave her some friendly advice (see the picture) and sent her on her merry way.

#DontBeGross #BuildRelationshipsANDRevenue