I think I’ve been pretty open about the fact that I’m a new skier. In fact, today is my official Day 4 (including my two lessons on a dry ski slope!)

Somehow I thought that skiing would be easy. I mean, I’ve seen people ski. It looks simple.
I’ve taken a few lessons, watched some YouTube videos… And go figure, it all looks easy.

Until you get on snow.
Or go down your first GREEN run, crying the whole way down.
Or on day four, try an 8km BLUE run and cry (again!) at the top because it’s steeper than the nursery slope.

But it still LOOKS easy.
Other people are still swooshing down. They’re laughing and joking and having a blast…

It threw entrepreneurship into stark relief for me.
This whole ‘I’ll be a business coach because they make all the money’ or the ‘make a million dollars in a day even without any experience’ or ‘I’ll build a cookie cutter model of whatever that successful person is doing and it’ll just be great’.

Nothing is easy when you’re a learner.
Nothing gets easier unless you try.
And fear of failure (or falling backside over boob!) can’t stop you trying. Because the real failure is not in doing something wrong – it’s stopping trying something that really would be worth the time and effort once you succeed.

Ps. I made it down the 8KM blue run. It took me over an hour. I cried four times. Fell down twice. Yelled at Sam about thirty times. Made a complete prat of myself… But I was still proud when I got to the bottom. And tomorrow? I’ll ACE it 

What are you not trying because you’re afraid to fail?