Pesky little buggers.

Here you are, fantastic entrepreneur or salesperson, with a great product or service. In fact, I’d wager that with enough hard work and tenacity – your product or service could be a multi-six figure idea. But it’s just those sales calls that suck.

You know that the average person closes 1 in 4 sales calls. That’s right, 25% of sales calls are successful for average Jess/ Joe.

But you don’t want to be average. You want to be like me.

Jessica Lorimer. Sales Call Jedi… seriously.

In the 3.5 years that I’ve run my business, I’ve averaged a 99% SUCCESS rate on sales calls. That’s right. 99%.

Now I’m not a mind ninja, persuasion guru or blackmailer. I’m normal… just like you.

I’ve nailed a super simple three-step sales call system that, when implemented, is possibly the most dangerously successful sales generation tool in the world.

Here is my number 1 tip and the first step to get you started on your road to sales success.

The Phone Isn’t Dead!

Back when I was working in my corporate job, one of my favourite mentors was forever shouting at those of us who stuck our heads in our emails all the time.

Stop f*$&! tapping and start talking’ was heard regularly in our office. And although I’d occasionally startle myself out of sleep, thinking that he was yelling at me, it really was one of the best pieces of advice that I’ve ever been given.

(Also working in sales, takes brass balls/ steel ovaries and eardrums like rhino hide. And coffee.)

So, in a digital age, where we can avoid real-life human contact for at least a week without a problem, why are sales calls still the most effective way to close a deal?

  1. Emails can be ignored. Who else has an inbox with a few *thousand* unread emails? We don’t have to answer emails or respond to urgent communication until we’re ready… which means that your potential client/prospect can take their own sweet time in answering your urgent plea for them to sign that contract/ pay the bill/ start working with you – and there’s nothing that you can do about it.
  2. Text can often be misconstrued or taken in the wrong manner. Now, this could only be me… but I’m a Brit. Apart from the insane love of tea and London buses (seriously!) I also have a pretty dry sense of humour. Unfortunately, my sarcastic wit doesn’t always come across in the manner that it’s intended in emails. If you struggle to articulate using the written word, it might be causing you to lose clients.
  3. We trust people that we speak to. Think about it. Humans judge each other in less than five seconds. Within that time, we make judgments about that person’s integrity, character and whether or not we like them. It’s actually much easier to demonstrate credibility and establish that you are trustworthy during a telephone/video conversation or a face to face meeting.
  4. Would you buy an Aston Martin in an email? No? Didn’t think so. If you’re selling premium products or services, be aware that people want to know you, like you and trust you and your product or service before they buy. That means that they’re going to have questions, potentially need reassurance and you’ll need to ensure that they don’t walk away with buyers remorse. That’s incredibly difficult to do without real conversation.

So there you have it, now start dialing  ?