After a FAB post from the lovely Kelly Sullivan RutaLorraine asked about real life working figures for high level businesses. So – to put into perspective what the real costs in my business look like – here’s what I pay EVERY month.

– Coaching (one Mastermind + 1 121 Coach) monthly cost of $2500
– OBM/ VA Team – $1599
– PR $750
– FB Ads Manager – $1500
– FB Ads spend – $1-2K

That’s $8349 per month and doesn’t include the one-off prices that I pay for software / legal stuff annually. (c. $5K per year)

Lets compare that to my monthly expenses when I hit my first 6 figures:

– Coach (121) $1000
– VA $500

So $1500 per month

And when I first started out?

Cost per month: 0
Time invested – LOTS!

** ROADMAP AND SCALE ** (For Jen Hall)

– Before I hit 6 figures, I sold premium price services (121 and group) on Discovery Calls. I spent ALL my time on the phone.
– When I hit $5K per month, I started scaling and investing in FB Ads (ad spend around $500 per month) – that took me to consistent 10-15K months.
– After that, I focused on reducing expenses (cutting down the waste per lead cost) and upping the profit (using 1:many delivery models)

Happy to share profit in a future post – but running a business has costs – even at the beginning. As a business owner, you MUST learn the necessary skills to generate an ROI to make profit fast.