I love nothing more than a great cup of coffee (milk and a spoonful of agave syrup) and watching the world go by. I’ve been a Grade A people watcher since I was a child… and it’s one of the reasons that I got into sales.

Because people are interesting.
Their behaviour is interesting.
How they react in certain situations is interesting.
The image/ persona that they put out to the world is interesting.
And the way that they speak to others? SUPER interesting.

Yesterday, I treated my newsfeed like my local cafe on the seafront.


– People making others feel small because of their income.
– People selling from a place of ‘if you don’t do this, then you are [INSERT XYZ SHITTY THING] – People making income claims that didn’t match with their day to day posts elsewhere.
– People preaching one thing… but showing something completely different.

It made me feel ill. Honestly.

Because for me, integrity is everything.

But then I remembered what it was like to come into the online space when I was new.
I’d never felt so out of place. Or so much like I ‘wasn’t enough’ or that my skills ‘just weren’t good enough’.
Because all I saw, all the freaking time were ‘Perky Sue’s’ and a world where nothing ever got real.

That’s why I created The Dotties.
That space for women to be #MaskOff.
Raw. Real.
Where they can say whatever they want. Support each other. Build REAL relationships.
Where they get knowledge and support that actually WORKS.

And yet yesterday, after watching the newsfeed, I didn’t even want to PROMOTE it.
Not because I don’t believe in the Dotties (believe me – it’s a LIFE CHANGING community)
But because I didn’t want those people.

The out of integrity, can’t be bothered to focus on client delivery, just going to drop a link and run, Pitchy McSlimeballs.

CONFESSION TIME: The things I saw yesterday, made me hide.

Yep. That’s right. Sales Coach throwing her hands up and telling you that I DIDN’T want to promote my membership because I didn’t want to be lumped in with that calibre of people.

Ironically, that IS why I created the Dotties.
To have that space to be ‘just Jess’. Not in a negative ‘just’ way – but in a ‘I just want space to breathe and say the real things on my mind in a space where I won’t be judged, where I can get actual, real support from women I trust and respect’ kind of way.

I’m tired of watching online EFF-ERY.
I deleted a bunch of NLP-gone-wrong-ers.
I removed myself from a bunch of groups.
And this morning I went into the Dotties and I looked at the level of support in there being shared by amazing women.
The level of integrity being shown.
Hearing the stories of wins, TV appearances, new clients and the quality of advice being given.

No judgement.
No mean spirited-ness.
Constructive, kind, useful advice from actual experts.
Warm hearted community.
All the support that ANY woman in business could ever want.

And I realised what a disservice I was doing by staying quiet.

And it’s not for me to sink below the mud and NOT sell because of the people who do it badly.
It’s for me to SHINE A LIGHT and say that for all of you women who feel the same, who see the same;


So here I am, holding out my hand.
Telling you that I get it.
That I know what you’re going through.
That I see and feel the same things – even now.
And that even now, those things can allow me to play small. To not promote. To not share my message.

But with that community, comes courage.
Watching others rise, makes me do the same.
It becomes easier to bounce back and share, teach and sell.
And so there IS a space for you.
One with integrity.
One with real community.
One with high level support and knowledge without the million dollar price tag.

And if you’re not in there.
Then hand on my heart, I know that you’re missing out.

Take my hand.
Don’t sink amongst the average or spend time with the nay-sayers or whiners.
Rise with the successful sisterhood that is The Dotties.