Something I say to my audience regularly, is that none of us are reinventing the wheel of business.

We ALL get our inspiration from somewhere.

But my big question for business owners, is when do we stray from taking inspiration from someone else’s content into imitating that person… and how does that affect our business?

For me, there’s a fine line between inspiration and imitation… based on morals/ ethics and legalities.

The definition of plagiarism for example, is taking someone’s work and passing it off as your own.

We ALL know that plagiarism and copying is wrong.

But what about when you’re a struggling business owner who really looks up to a specific industry influencer/ leader?

Does it really hurt your business to emulate them?
To spread the same message?
To use similar colours/ graphics/ fonts?
To focus on being the best ‘new’ version of them that you can be?

Short answer?


Of course it does.
It dilutes YOUR message.
Stops people seeing the authenticity behind your work.
Doesn’t show people your USP
And positions you as ‘just another version of [INSERT NAME HERE]

We ALL want to stand out from the crowd.
And we may have similar ideas.
But it’s about expressing them in your unique way.
From your own perspective and experience.
Not simply rehashing other content and passing it off as your own.

It’s okay to want to emulate business leaders.
It’s okay to want their success.

But do it on your own terms.
In your own way.
With your own values.

Because your audience want YOU.
Not a half baked version of someone else.


[Image Credit: The Fresh Hues Blog]