I’ve had a week off. (Well unless you count scrolling my Facebook feed or writing blogs over a glass of wine or three on the occasional evening)
I’ve become a fish mama (four fish – all called Bob – ironically all female) 
And I’ve booked a tattoo… It happens on Wednesday!

In fact, I’ve crossed off a number of those annoying little jobs that I kept ‘meaning’ to do – but always found an excuse for.

– Fitting lighting under the kitchen cupboards – CHECK
– Ordering the engagement cards for our friends – CHECK
– Finally getting round to ordering our Christmas turkey (I know – I’m one of those OCD forward planner types!) – CHECK
– Booking (and attending!) dentist appointments – CHECK
– Ordering a new debit card with the fancy schmancy contactless bit (I was living in the dark ages still) – CHECK

They were all relatively easy jobs.
It was just that during previous weeks, I always had an excuse for NOT getting them done.

I was too busy with client work.
Too busy creating content.
Too busy with Max/ arranging Sam’s welcome home/ birthday/ life in general.

Basically, I let my BUT(T) take control.

We ALL do it. Everyday.
We mean to do something; ‘BUT’ something gets in the way.
We do/ say something wrong and then justify it ‘BUT’
We do the bits we WANT to do in our business and not the rest ‘BUT’ that’s okay because eventually we’ll get around to it.

I’m the first person to say that tomorrow never comes when it comes to ‘To-Do’ lists.
In fact, this summer, my To-Do list was the length of my leg. I had SO much that I wanted to do…


I was just too busy/ too tired/ too overwhelmed/ needed to focus on something else / just couldn’t be bothered/ didn’t want to… take your pick.

The sad thing is, that when it came to actually DOING the things, it took (in total) less than 4 hours.
The mental space that it had been taking up?
HUNDREDS of hours.

So if you have things that you keep putting to one side.
Or moving in your calendar to another day.
Or just hide on yet another post-it note…

TODAY is the day to get them done.

What are YOU doing this week?