Has everyone seen the terrifying/ super exciting new article that talks about the way that FB is changing the things that you’ll see in your newsfeed?

With Sam being home on a week’s break, I was behind the curve and only saw it yesterday when one of our awesome Dotties popped it into their private community.

Initially I read the article (slightly irked by typos – hey I’m anal in that respect!) and was a little bit worried at the prospect of people not seeing my business page content organically.

And then I smiled.
Because, like everything, FB has to change regularly.
And as business owners, we have to understand that we don’t get to control FB or the changes they make.

Heck, we don’t even have to UNDERSTAND why they’re doing it.

It’s Zuckerberg’s baby. He gets to do what he wants.

As business owners, it’s our responsibility to ADAPT.
To change.
To grow.

So if you haven’t already, now is the time to be working on building your email list.
Nurturing key relationships.
Working on your PR and visibility in your industry.

Focus on the things that you CAN control.
The things that you DO own.

And make sure that you’re able to diversify your income streams.

PS. I’m pretty excited about the new Facebook changes. It means more focus on genuine connections, relationships and getting rid of those totally pointless ‘like my page and I’ll like yours’ marketing fads. That’s a winner in itself 

#ChangeIsComing #AdaptOrDie