A couple of weeks ago, we had the first Smart Leaders Sell event at The Ritz… And apart from all the phenomenal talks, incredible exercises and FUN that we had, one of the biggest pieces of feedback was that the venue was a huge motivator for attendees.


Because environment matters.

Think about it.
Are you really most productive when you’re tucked up with your laptop under your duvet?
Or do you like a strong coffee, solid WiFi and scenery that makes you feel strong, powerful and successful?

(For the record, I love working from home and I adore my duvet… But I know that I’m most productive at a desk!)

Today, I’ve got some exciting meetings in London (did someone say television?!) and whilst I could have looked at co-working spaces… I decided to work in the place that makes me feel most productive.
Where I can focus on having amazing client calls with people like lovely Liz.
Recording podcast episodes with people like Kemberli

And having coffee and sparkling water brought to me without having to disturb my calls to ask.

So that’s why I’m working from The Ritz cafe this afternoon!
Not because I’m super posh. (although Sam would argue that I am ?)
Not because I couldn’t work in any cafe.

But because I know that this space makes me FEEL good.
And when I feel good, I perform at my peak.

What environment makes YOU most productive?