(Anyone else want to sing/ yell ‘HIGH VOLTAGE’?!)

Currently sat with my hairdresser working out what ‘do’ I need to take to the slopes. And trying to work on my skiing lingo.

I happened to catch a FB live from a business coach who was being asked about getting the first client – and what their focus should be. Whether it should be focusing on working high end 1:1 OR spending time on developing a ton of cheaper digital downloads.

The business coach said;

“Do both at the same time. You’ll need low-end products to start making sales anyway”


Please think about your PROFIT when you’re starting a business.

When you start your business (and in fact, in general) it’s your job to focus on two things:

1. Sales
2. Client Delivery

Without sales (and profit!) your business is just an expensive hobby.
Without being able to deliver results for your clients, your business will struggle to generate testimonials and word of mouth referrals.

When you start your business, focus on:

– What is the BIGGEST problem that my audience is struggling with?
– How can I help them get the BEST result in the quickest time (and we’re usually talking done for you/ 1:1/ premium services)
– Does that price point match my profit goals?

Remember, when your audience is smaller, you need to be converting at higher price points to ensure the survival (and thriving!) of your business. So please – focus on high ticket FIRST – and as your audience grows?

Then develop the printables.
Get the downloads.
Create the app.
Design the membership site.