According to Facebook (the best kind of reminder app!), I was getting all dolled up for my office Christmas ‘do’. At that point in time, I was working for a company who had over 5000 employees across 35 countries. This particular Christmas party was held at the Tower of London and I remember telling my mum about it… she was hugely excited about me going to a private event at the Tower of London… and I… well I just wasn’t interested.

It wasn’t that I didn’t love the venue. It wasn’t even that I didn’t love the job. It’s that I knew what would happen. I’d put in a full 14 hour day at work. Grabbed a 30-minute ‘up-style’ hair appointment at lunchtime. Got ready in the toilets. Was making a speech at 9pm. Won an award. Drank a LOT of wine. Got home at 3:30 am in a taxi that smelled strongly of marijuana… INSANELY strongly. Contemplated calling my boss to let him know that the taxi firm that we’d hired were complete reprobates. Went to bed.. woke up at 5am to head back to work. Latecomers had to do early morning shots of pure vodka or rum. At 7:30 AM. (Stereotypical sales environment… I even still have the video somewhere) It had been the same every year. Never changed. Occasionally the numbers did… but the slightly dirty feeling of post-Christmas party never did. I was tired. Worn out. Burning out. And two days after this photo was taken, I was told by my doctor that it was a choice between being bedridden – and my job. It’s funny how quickly things change. I haven’t had a burn out episode in 4 years. I’ve also not been required to do 7:30am shots. Or to magic time for hair appointments.. I loved my corporate job. But I love my LIFE way more now.